About the shop

Airpseed & Attitude began in 2014 as Arispe Aviation, providing mobile avionics installation and troubleshooting services along with maintenance and inspections.  The services provided by Arispe Aviation in the DFW area were so well received that they established a permanent FBO at Aerocountry Airport with over 8000 square feet of shop space.  Arispe Aviation's team continued to grow with the support and loyalty of its expanding customer base.  In the summer of 2017, Arispe Aviation joined teams with Avidyne to present Airspeed & Attitude: Authorized Dealer and Installation Center.  Airspeed & Attitude has the experience and expertise to provide professional, clean avionics installations as well as using the most modern tools, technology, and training to support and service the legacy fleet.  At Airspeed & Attitude, you and your legacy aircraft will get the same red-carpet treatment, consultations, and services to be expected of any corporate fleet-member.

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